Crafted from combat, born of necessity, The Multi-Use-Block is the brainchild of a top USASOC Sniper who painstakingly designed every component with the pursuit of perfection in mind. Manfrotto and Arca Swiss plates are beautifully machined into the base, allowing The M.U.B. to directly connect with all tripod configurations. These masterfully crafted plates are designed to provide an industry leading fit when used alone or in combination with other devices such as a HOG Saddle or PIG Saddle.

Used by Special Forces Snipers for spotting scopes, sniper systems and long range reconnaissance, The M.U.B. also maintains superior application across a broad spectrum of disciplines. From professional to amateur, anyone employing glass optics like large DSLR cameras, range finders or binoculars, every user will find The M.U.B. to be a must have item.

The WING integration on The M.U.B., allows the user to mount multiple platforms securely by 1/4-20 thumb screws, guarding against the demanding torque of rifles, cameras, and other weighted accessories. Whether you are mounting spotting scopes beside high-powered rifles or running dual cameras for sporting or recreational event, The M.U.B. has you covered. 



MUB and WING Tutorial


The M.U.B. Applications: Predator Hunting